08 Sep 2020

Smoking Phonesex

Smoking Phonesex

Dear smoking fetish phonesex callers,

I guess my post that is last about fetish made me consider my natural love for cigarette smoking. We find smoking cigarettes to become a icon of glamor, intercourse, naughtiness, blatant neglect and Dominance. I will be all the things; in reality, i possibly could be regarded as the personification of those things. I will be a Goddess; Seductive Temptress, Glamorous vixen, Elegantly Dominant, but on top of that, a Smoking Goddess. I’m precisely what lurks at nighttime shadows of the desires and also you inhale me personally in most time which you sneak a deep breathe of a stranger’s carbon monoxide smoke from their smoke or cigar.

Imagine me here having a long draw off of Marlboro 100, my bloodstream red lips pursed seductively all over cork tobacco tobacco tobacco cigarette, disregard glinting from my eyes given that mix of dangerous curves, moving blond curls, and high-risk fishnet stockings tormenting the body. My self- self- self- confidence exuding Dominance as your brain produces a internet of tease and denial me smoke, and praying I will glance down if even to just blow a hazy fog of smoke into your face and laugh coldly as you sit kneeling, watching attentively to.

Your blue balls causing you to definitely break beneath the force until such time you are begging loudly to be allowed to kiss my feet through my fishnet stockings. An extreme sex addiction that will lead you into the darkest parts of your soul without even really realizing it you have become another victim of addiction. You will be another servant to my game of tease and denial, a casino game where just we winnings while you become my small intercourse addiction puppet!

Rush now sweet weaklings: get the device in order to be indulged in the many smoking that is erotic and also to have fun with the Tatianna tease and denial game. read more

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