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Our collision program was designed to offer well-qualified body shops a platform to showcase their exceptional work directly on the vehicle’s history report and provide an additional form of revenue. Partnering with Condition Now offers several fringe benefits that body shops cannot get on their own. Why should a body shop bother to partner with Condition Now?

Your Data Remains Yours

Our software system is stand-alone and does not connect to any existing platform you currently have. You control all the data your shop generates and shares. This means there is no way it can be mined or shared without your knowledge or consent. There are NO monthly fees, contracts, or minimums. Our system can be run on any IOS or Android device, meaning there is no expensive hardware to buy. Only a small OBDII device, the cost of which will be credited in full to your first invoice. The software is available to download for FREE from both Apple App and Google Play stores. Only collect and share the data you want when you want to.

Visible Brand Placement

Body Shops that do certified inspections for Condition Now have the choice to provide branded supporting documents when applicable. In the future, if a consumer buys this vehicle, they will know where they can come back to get quality work done if needed. Body shops benefit from the positive association with such a trusted name.

Stand Out Amongst Your Competition

Don’t just perform top-quality work for your customers but document it for them as well. Condition Now has been a trusted data source provider for over nine years. Using our industry vetted objective process and easy-to-use software, you now have a platform to showcase your OEM quality work for everyone to recognize.

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Body Shop Program

Dealer-Group Owned Or Affiliated Shops

OEM-certified dealer-associated shops get the benefit of an industry-recognized name to verify their repairs. Our built-in customer retention and acquisition program allows associated dealerships to be sure customers new and old will give them the first right of refusal on these properly repaired, documented, and highly marketable trades. This revolutionary industry-changing process also enables franchise dealerships, with their own shops, to generate group-wide revenue on off-lease units that may otherwise be returned to the lease company. By having their OEM-certified shop perform top-quality repairs well documented directly on the vehicle history report, the group as a whole sees added profit potential at both the shop and dealership level.

Not An OEM Certified Shop? No Problem!

Condition Now has partnered with IADA, the nation’s first and foremost independent appraiser network. These highly trained and vetted inspectors use our proprietary software and process to evaluate each and every panel. Just because you do not have a costly OEM affiliation doesn’t mean you can’t produce top-quality work. If the repairs meet the same rigorous standards demanded by the OEM’s, then Condition Now can dispatch an IADA inspector to your location to perform the inspection. All of the above benefits to both your shop and your customers will be realized.

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