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Intellacall Technology

End to End Virtual Sales Interaction and Management Solution

  • Instant Intellacall Live Video Calls. Put your salesperson in a face to face online interaction with the customer instantly from your existing webpage.
  • Easy Low or even No cost integration into your existing webpage.
  • No need to change any part of your sales process this tool enables you to do what you do best completely or partially online. You decide.
  • With Intellacall, you bring your brick and mortar dealership up to speed with the big online buying platforms. All the benefits of complete online buying to the end consumer but with the ability to walk the consumer through all your dealership has to offer.
  • No compromising. Convenient online buying for the consumer without missing upsell opportunities for your dealership.
  • With Intellacall, you get live lead generation directly on your existing webpage.
  • Turn Live video leads into sales on your existing website with total flexibility. Use this solution to bring customers in the door, deliver the vehicle completely online or anywhere in between.

Seamless Experience for Your Customers

  • No downloads, No friending
  • Privacy protection
  • Intellacall works on any device / Any OS
  • Instant Live Video Calls from their phone or computer

Oversight of the Entire Sales Process Through Intellacall

  • Call recording and forwarding
  • Review interactions for training and management
  • Team management, analytics, reporting
  • CRM / Web integration
  • Share Documents, Videos, and Images with customers

Security and Flexibility

  • Peer-to-peer encryption
  • Device Independence IOS or Andriod
  • Interact directly from Browser or Mobile Device
  • Adjust the solution to fit your dealership size and needs
  • Customize the look to fit your existing website

Our Intellacall  inspection report
Helps you find the best deal

• Millions of vehicles are involved in fender benders each year.
Many sustain minor if any damage.
• These vehicles hold the GREATEST VALUE,
so why not get the best intelligence on the market today.
• A Condition Now report makes identifying these vehicles FAST AND EASY.

A vehicle history report
Helps protect YOU, the consumer

• A vehicle history report is an ESSENTIAL part of the modern car buying experience. The maintenance and past accident history helps paint a picture of the vehicles life. What we provide is the condition of that vehicle now!
• A past incident can be major or minor. They absolutely should NOT be viewed as the same when evaluating your car choice!
• So YOU can make an informed decision.

Our inspection report
Saves you time

• YOU spend hours on the Internet with the ability to sort through thousands of vehicles, but you only have time to go and see a select few.
• Condition Now ensures piece of mind that you are not wasting your precious time evaluating a sub  par vehicle.
• Look for the Condition Now Report and save time  and energy, getting the most value out of your  next car purchase.

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About Condition Now

Our nationwide network of inspectors have years of experience determining evidence of previous repairs using our proprietary Intellacall technology procedure specifically designed to ensure accuracy They employ both a trained eye and the latest paint metering technology to give you the most accurate and objective previous repair report available.


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