With 3 tiers of inspections Condition Now has a report to fit every level of accident history.

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Condition Now has partnered with Intellacall to provide our customers with a cutting edge online sales platform integrated directly into our reports. Intellacall allows customers to enter into video calls with your dealership  instantly from anywhere on any device without downloading software. No matter how the customer accesses our report either through the vehicle history or through your site they will see a link at the bottom of the report. Once clicked they will be entered into an instant call with one of your staff. Visit the Intellacall website for more information.

OBDII Data :Data Example

As part of our extensive vehicle evaluation, our inspectors have the ability to scan the vehicles onboard computer to check for readiness monitors. This provides the customer with piece of mind that the vehicle they are coming to see is ready to be driven home the same day.  This is an optional scan included at no extra charge with most Condition Now inspection tiers.

Included Online Vehicle Listings:

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If your dealership has shared your data feed with Condition Now you have the ability to opt into our own online sales platform. For no additional charge you are provided the same benefits of other online lead generation websites.

Existing Webpage Report Integration:

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Condition Now is committed to continually advancing our technology to give dealers and consumers the most information in the easiest and most marketable way online. For no additional charge we can provide your web designer the appropriate code necessary to integrate a link to our report directly into your existing website. Not only can a consumer view this information directly on a CARFAX report but also directly on your webpage.

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What Is a Standard Inspection For Dealers?

A STANDARD inspection for vehicles with undefined or no accident or damage records will serve to give dealers interested in complete transparency a way of verifying to consumers that their vehicles have undergone only cosmetic reconditioning or have no repairs at all.

What Is a Plus Inspection?

The PLUS inspection for vehicles that may have already been classified as having very minor or minor damage from an accident or damage report. This report includes pictures of any panels found to have previous repairs and using a proprietary collision industry vetted process performed by an IADA inspector. This report classifies the quality of any repairs that were made to the vehicle giving the complete picture to the consumer.

What Is a Platinum Inspection?

The PLATINUM inspection for vehicles that may have already been classified as having moderate or severe damage from an accident or damage report. This report includes pictures of any panels with repairs.  A determination if a panel has been repaired or replaced and a visual structural damage assessment using a proprietary collision industry vetted process performed by an IADA inspector or a certified body shop.(Where applicable supporting repair documentation may be provided)

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There are millions of accidents reported each year in the United States and Canada

These accidents may get reported to companies like CARFAX.

A Condition Now inspection can help add valuable information about the severity of these accidents. This may help distinguish those with only minor damage from those that may have more severe damage. This information, from a trusted third-party inspector, is included on the Vehicle History Report and helps put prior damage in the right context for potential buyers.

Condition Now reports the results of inspections to CARFAX on a daily basis, helping to give more insight into the severity of accidents reported. These inspections may be particularly helpful for those vehicles with only moderate or even very minor damage. This additional damage severity detail, documented on the Vehicle History Report, helps salespeople better explain the prior accident and may help increase the perceived value for potential buyers.

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Condition Now for Dealers :

Condition Now offers three (3) distinct types of inspections to fit any vehicle that a dealer may have on their lot. Among our offerings include:

  • Standard: Standard inspections designed are for vehicles with non-descript damage or accident information. They help to verify and clarify the limited damage related to the reported event. This report can also serve to confirm the absence of damage or repairs to vehicles without incident history. The standard check ensures that information about the vehicle is transparent and can include an OBDII check to verify all readiness monitors have been reset correctly.
  • Plus: The Plus inspection is reserved for vehicles that have VERY MINOR or MINOR DAMAGE reported from an accident or damage event. The report will include pictures of any panels that have had previous repairs.  The process used to determine the repair quality uses up to 5 points per panel assessment and is certified by collision industry experts including IADA.  The report generated helps to paint a complete picture for the next potential owner.
  • Platinum: Platinum inspections are used on vehicles that have had MODERATE to SEVERE DAMAGE reported from an accident or damage event. Pictures of the repair on all panels are taken and included in the report as well as an up to a 10 point per panel repair quality assessment. This report includes a check for visibly evident structural damage. When applicable documentation related to the repairs can be uploaded to the report allowing for further verification of proper repairs to the vehicle. ODBII sensors can also be checked and to verify the proper completion of repairs.

Customer Retention Program :

Dealership-owned or associated body shops that meet the stringent industry-recognized standards of Condition Now may be granted the ability to perform inspections using the company’s proprietary software. This could be a brilliant chance to increase revenue potential. Among the immediate benefits of becoming a partner with Condition Now offers are:

  • More Saleable Leases and/or Trades

    Dealers have the option and in some cases are required to buy a certain amount of off-lease vehicles. The ones with damage can represent a great value especially when limited availability drives up prices of the undamaged or non-accident reported vehicles. By purchasing these damaged vehicles as they come in and sending them to their internal body shops for certified refits and restoration. The certified report allows a dealership to show that a vehicle has undergone extensive restoration and repair works and is certified to be of good quality. These vehicles may not fetch as much as undamaged ones, but the price of a report-certified vehicle will make the vehicle more marketable and ultimately more profitable based on its lower initial acquisition cost.

  • Acquiring New Customers

    Customer acquisition for dealers typically comes from sales. But by having a Condition Now partnership, dealers stand to get more business from repairs done at their body shops. The Condition Now reports allow for supporting documentation to be included with them. If the dealership chooses they can include incentive vouchers with the reports. By presenting the body shop customer with a voucher stating that if the customer brings that vehicle back to that dealership when it’s time to trade it in the dealership will consider its accident history less impactful to its value. The dealership not only benefits by getting the opportunity to make a new sale but gets a top-quality highly marketable trade. This method of customer acquisition will translate into more new and used car sales.

  • Retain Existing Customers

    When a customer buys a car that’s certified with Condition Now from the dealership’s body shop, they also get the information about the restoration via a report that shows the dealership was involved in the repair process. Thus, when the consumer needs to come in for repairs or maintenance, the dealership is the first place they’d go.

What Can Dealers Get?

Dealers stand to benefit immensely from partnering with Condition Now. Services that come with a  report offer a lot more peace of mind to customers and helps to build consumer relationships. It would be a terrible mistake to overlook this opportunity. Contact us now to find out more about our new and improved Dealership Partner Program.

Front-Line Quality Photos

As part of creating the most front-line ready and online marketable report in the industry you as a dealer, completely at your discretion, can opt into share your existing data feed. This is the same feed you provide to other online sales platforms and is integrated at no additional cost to you. This feed allows Condition Now to include your retail ready photos directly into the report putting the vehicle’s best foot forward out to the customer.

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Condition Now is a vehicle inspection data provider UNLIKE ANY OTHER.
With experience in both the wholesale and retail markets of the car industry, we are a PROVIDER OF PREVIOUS REPAIR DATA and we send this information directly to CARFAX. Our goal is to provide the end consumer with accurate basic previous repair data that helps the dealer sell more vehicles.


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Our nationwide network of inspectors have years of experience determining evidence of previous repairs using our proprietary procedure specifically designed to ensure accuracy They employ both a trained eye and the latest paint metering technology to give you the most accurate and objective previous repair report available.

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